What is Time?

It's Tuesday evening. I just realized that. I mean, I kind of knew it but it didn't really process that yesterday was Monday and therefore I was supposed to write a weekly post yesterday until just now. I kind of blame the fact that I didn't have work yesterday. And the fact that I took the day off today for some PTO. But also, time is just weird these days. So that's that.

Last week was my penultimate meeting with my coach. We've spent some time reflecting and wow. I never really understood the value of coaching until this year and now I'm pretty bummed that we're having our last session.

I took a much-needed extra-long weekend this weekend. It's amazing what 1 extra day off can do for actually being able to unplug and reset. I spent this weekend doing a whole lot of nothing while also getting a lot done if you consider I did the things that I wanted to. I caught up on a bunch of TV, I cooked, I did some house projects, I played some games. I did everything but work, which is how it should be, but that's not always how my weekends play out, so I'm happy I was able to really unplug.

On the work front, I got promoted last week. It still hasn't really settled in. I think all of these things that happen in 'rona times are weird because it's such a different experience than when it happens in-person. This is my second 'rona promotion, which is also saying a lot. We've been at this for so long.

Speaking of my coach, when we were talking about operation: find some new adjectives last week, we got to talking about how a bunch of the new stuff I have coming up still involves me sitting at my desk for a lot of hours every day. In an odd confluence of events, I'd also told myself that if I got the promotion, I could get the PC I'd been eyeing so I can play games and stream better without the limitations of my laptop (which also happens to be my work laptop, so I really should have my own device for all of this). Since I got the promotion, I splurged and got a PC.

My original plan was to set it up at my desk, which I call my "command center," but the conversation with my coach made me realize that a) it really wouldn't be that healthy to sit there for all of my work hours PLUS my extracurricular hours. I made a game-time call this weekend to turn my Room of Requirement (aka the spare room in my house that I still haven't found a use for) into a second office. I have a bunch of this coming up in March that will require me to be on-camera for a bunch of extra hours every week, so I'm in the process of setting up a full-on office/studio outpost in my Room of Requirement. I stole my desk chair from upstairs, so my goal is to stand most of the day for my working hours and then have the chair for my extracurricular hours. We'll see how it all plays out. Most of the pieces, including the PC, should be here by Friday so I'll be at full-power by the end of next weekend.

Weekly Review:

Wins for the week:

  • I got promoted at work!
  • I got myself a PC! Which means more fun games!
  • I started converting The Room of Requirement into a second office so I can have a chance of scenery and also have a place to focus on my hobbies and extracurriculars that is completely detached from my work stuff so I can't sneak-check work stuff when I'm supposed to be having fun.
  • Another successful Candy Saturday. It turns out that I don't even want to eat a ton of candy anymore. My tolerance for all that sugar is much lower now.
  • I made some decisions about the house reno - mainly that I'm not going to go that route this year (or maybe even for another year or two), so that helps unblock some of the other decisions about house stuff that I'd been putting off.
  • I kept to my streaming schedule.

Mehs for the week:

  • I truly don't remember much from last week. I know I had a bunch of long workshops and working sessions, so it was very much a butt-in-chair kind of week. I did stand a few times at my desk, which was good, but it was a very
  • Still haven't made any progress on garden stuff. It's tough because the weather is still super variable. Once I get the Room of Requirement set up, that'll be the next project to tackle. Partially because my seed-starting station is also in the Room of Requirement and I need to settle on where I'm going to put it before I start filling it.

Changes for next week:

  • I'm already 2 days into this week, so this feels like a bit of a cheat, but for the rest of the week, my goal isn't to work 5 days in 3. It was a long weekend and I took 1 day off, so I should fit 3 days of work into 3 days.

Goals for next week:

  • Finish up the Room of Requirement with no piles of random stuff that I still need to sort out. I want it to be truly done.
  • Neaten up the command center (aka my work desk) now that I've undone a bunch of wires and things and it's a bit hectic.
  • Work on optimizations for my studio and my work setups so the things that need to be synced are synced and so things like lighting, note-taking, etc are as they need to be to keep myself organized.
  • Stay 'rona-free.