Oops on a couple things, really. Oops I didn't keep to my "write 1 thing a day" goal for the week. Honestly I completely forgot on Friday after work. I remembered on Saturday morning, but somehow completely forgot to do Friday's and Saturday's on Saturday. And then Sunday was just a mess on all fronts where I completely lost track of time and what I had planned and, well, here we are.

I also completely forgot to write my Sunday week-in-review post. Off to a great start, this week, eh?

I learned a couple of things last week:

  1. Writing once a day when I don't have something I'm writing toward, or any sort of plan, is really just not my jam. Which, in retrospect, makes sense, because that's the same thing I was struggling with in finding things to do in my free time in the first place. This time to medium was more focused, so I was able to do it three days in a row (ok, the third day was kind of a cop-out), but I didn't actually enjoy it.
  2. While talking to my coach on Friday, she helped me realize that I'm working as much as I am lately because my brain is bored. I think the being home all the time, minimal human interaction, minimal anything, really, is wearing on me. I'm not someone who really gets bored. I can always find something to do to occupy myself. But in this case, I'm understimulated. And for better or worse, I'm able to keep a steady, minimum level of brain stimulation from the type of stuff I have to do at work. Obviously, we talked about things I could be doing besides that. Sounds like I'll be getting some more puzzles and things.
  3. It's too damn cold in my basement to start to tackle some of the projects I had on deck. It's been in the 10-20's (fahrenheit) here lately, and my basement isn't heated. Every time I get to the middle of the staircase, a chill just hits me and I want to get out of there as soon as I can. I think I might have to wait another month to pick up my workshop and basement organization projects. I have all of the supplies now, though, so that's progress.
  4. I decided to try streaming on Twitch. I was trying to figure out something where I could keep my brain entertained while not doing it alone. I don't have any of those multiplayer games or a computer strong enough to handle them, so I found myself a simple-ish, but entertaining game and decided to try streaming while I play it instead of just sitting there in my own head all day. Honestly, it was great. I only had a viewer or two at a time over the course of the 2-3 hours, but even just "putting my brain on speakerphone" while playing was a really good exercise and I would definitely do it again.
  5. Lastly, I gave my mom my Peloton. I decided to just accept the fact that I have a negative relationship with the thing and that having it around just guilting me all the time isn't helping the situation. When my mom was here yesterday she mentioned she thought it would be fun because she's also home alone and bored, so we loaded it up in her SUV and brought it over to her house. I feel better already just having it out of my house. Sure, I haven't figured out how I'm going to exercise in its absence, but I wasn't exercising in its presence, so I don't think I'm any worse off and the Peloton has gone to someone who will use it. Win-win.

Weekly Review:

  • Still eating breakfast every day. I think I have my morning routine up until about 9:30am on lock. I've even added green smoothies into the mix every few days for extra vitamins.
  • I bought a new scale because my old one was being finicky, and if I've learned anything about building habits for myself lately, it's that the level of friction to getting it done needs to be near-zero. Turns out I've lost about 5lbs since the holidays. Not bad for not exercising at all.
  • It was a bit of an up-and-down week on the cooking-and-eating front. I had some days that were on it and others where I ate way too many pretzels. The pretzels are no longer in the house and I have a plan for this week, so I'm optimistic.
  • See all of the above - Though I worked probably about the same hours of usual, I did make progress in some areas of finding balance.

Wins for the week:

  • I cooked and ate breakfast every morning.
  • Finished my ancestry project (for now).
  • I found what might become a new hobby.
  • I didn't get the omicron.
  • Still using my task tracking system (I've found it particularly helpful for work, but it's also good for tracking the things I need to remember beyond 12-24 hours).
  • I planned a meal that I'm going to cook for this week that isn't HelloFresh and bought the ingredients I need.
  • I set decent bounds of not starting work earlier in the day than I'd planned to and stuck to them.

Mehs for the week:

  • I still watched a ton of TV.
  • I didn't timebox my after-work catchup as I said I would.
  • I didn't finish my write-one-thing-a-day challenge.

Changes for next week:

  • I still think timeboxing my extra work time would be a good idea, so I'm going to roll that one into this week. I also think it might be more achievable now that I have some ideas for how I want to be spending my non-work time. I'm going to give myself a 1-hour end-of-day timebox every day this week and anything else has to roll over to the next day.
  • I'm going to see if this streaming/gaming thing is something I enjoy beyond the initial novelty.

Goals for next week:

  • Stream at least two days.
  • Set a timer for my after-work 1-hour timebox every day. Track when I've exceeded it.
  • Cook (and eat) the things I planned for the week.
  • Stay 'rona-free.