Maximum Dopamine

I went into the week with the best of intentions to maintain the boundaries I set for myself. This week was going to be the test. The result? Well if you ask my coach it wasn't a failure, but on paper, it definitely was.

Last week was the first week of my new self-imposed work schedule where I attempted to have more regular, predictable hours. I did well on Monday. I did well on Tuesday. And then I tanked Wednesday and Thursday. And I mean TANKED.

Wednesday is my focus day, by design. I have near-zero meetings and it's time I block out to a) run errands and get groceries and b) spend the rest of the day doing the stuff  I need to catch up on that usually requires more than 5 minutes of attention. This Wednesday, I decided to open Pandora's Box and start diving into the cleaning up the backlog of the team I've been working with recently. The backlog was about 5 years old.

A 5-year-old backlog on a team that's lacking process and organization? COMMENCE COMPULSIVE NEED TO ORGANIZE. This is something I figured out a few weeks ago. What started as a "well let's see what's in here" turned into a 6+ hour spelunking mission on Wednesday alone. The only reason I stopped was because Penny needed to go out so I figured I'd finally give up for the night at 10:30PM. Rinse and repeat for Thursday.

I finally got it to the point where I feel like the chaos is at least organized enough that I know what needs to be done next, but the fact that it completely derailed my whole "balance" thing was less than desirable. I didn't stream like I'd planned to on Wednesday because I just kept working. And then I didn't stream on Friday because I was just wiped from working so many hours the previous 2 days. So not only was I frustrated that I worked way more than I'd planned to by my own doing, but I was also frustated because I didn't prioritize the thing I've been getting the most enjoyment out of lately. The dopamine of the organization was just too powerful to let go.

After being a complete lump on Friday, Saturday ended up being an epic day of getting things done. The weather was gorgeous, so maybe that sparked some sort of rejuvenation, but I crushed all the things I'd wanted to get done, including 2 streams, laundry, garden stuff, swapping out some of my winter decorations for valentines/spring ones, and generally just being on point all day. I even exercised for like 20 minutes. I was impressed with myself, not going to lie.

Weekly Review:

Wins for the week:

  • I got a lot done. Even if it wasn't the stuff I wanted to get done when I wanted to get it done, I did make a lot of progress on a lot of things overall.
  • The weather on Saturday was FANTASTIC. Penny and I spent some time outside and diggging in the dirt.
  • The bits of my house that got damaged in that wind storm a few months back are now fixed. Yay!
  • Candy Saturday was a success. I bought 2 things of candy on Friday when I was food shopping and didn't even eat it all.
  • I had real food all week.

Mehs for the week:

  • I didn't keep my work schedule the way I'd planned to.
  • I didn't do any garden planning in terms of seed starting that the things I'd hoped to do, but I did get out into the garden and do some cleanup and stuff, so not a total miss.

Changes for next week:

  • I've decided to set my streaming schedule weekly based on what's going on in my life (i.e. late work meetings that I can't get out of, house construction, whatever) rather than trying to keep the same exact schedule every week. It's not advised in the whole "how to do streaming right" meta, but it's what I think will work best for me and not make me feel so stressed about something that I want to do for fun and enjoyment.

Goals for next week:

  • Host my 3 planned streams.
  • Go to CVS or Walgreens on Tuesday to get my leftover Valentines candy on sale.
  • Start to organize garden things and seed starting.
  • Stay 'rona-free.